Do You Love Routine ?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the topic of routine. Can you truly say that you love routine, if you don’t love what’s in your routine ? At that point you’re simply using the comfort of familiarity to justify leaving yourself in circumstances that don’t serve your happiness. However what if you do love what’s in your routine ? Then can you really say that you love the routine? When you love something it encompasses your mind and you work to better and improve it in any way. So is it really a routine at all ? These are questions that have recently circled my brain but due to a routine I myself have come to be in. One day I asked my manager these questions. How she worked in a strict routine as a person that doesn’t enjoy routine at all.

“I don’t work in the routine. I work in spite of it.”.

I realize now that I was thinking of routine too specifically. We all have a routine, though vague it may be. We all wake and eat, use the washroom and sleep. We all have a way to numb our mind when the day is long. We all spend time doing something we love, and force ourselves to do something that we hate because there will always be things in life that we don’t like to do. Doesn’t mean we can just stop doing them. I love my routine. Though I never before found meaning in those words. There’s things I want to change, and improve, but change is part of our routine aswell. We all change. And we do it routinely in its inconsistency.

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