‘Meet me where our light is our darkness, and in purity we shall lie corrupt’

Leather bound mystery, I’m craving to scan you with my groceries.

Honestly dancing, but frustratingly avoiding the question,

This one I should have never posed…

I know you like video games, well you’re a cod zombie to me;

Eating away my thoughts as I try to sleep.

Oval holes of black, seeping sounds to deafen us down; distraction present.

Keep your mind collected while your ears are messed with.

Don’t put down your focus on a blur, chances are in the rough;

Coralines being called to button up.

Sometimes we all get locked up in the night with the scary stuff…

Waiting for that rayed jumpsuit to come running on the sun,

Finally back from his nightly run.

Then they give us white shades so we can close away what’s lost.

Pretend like nothings wrong and we aren’t miles high…

Still staring at closed shades blocking away our beautiful day.

I like to ask questions because I’d love to know why.

What do you think of the dark, the bright and the red flickering light ?

I’m mesmerized by which methods our brains choose to fight..

Nowadays though…. only white.

Will you pick a number between 100 & 5 , then tell me why ?

You think maybe… there’s a different message on my mind ?

Care to quench my ponders as to why ?

But darling please,

Just don’t ask me back.

‘Meet me where our light is our darkness, and in purity we shall lie corrupt’

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