Lost Like a Leaf to the Wind.

A leaf, safely attached to its tree Patiently waiting, to take head for falls breeze// A chance encounter, amongst friends in the woods, A lasting glance, between two not knowing what could/ Curiously, the leaf turns to the sky, changing colours to represent the far and the wide// The moment comes, where the two disappear, And while they’re gone, A friendship moves forward, hitting the next tier/ The leaf dances, as the breeze becomes known, So many possibilities, not yet to be known// The moment persists, between them, finally alone Followed by messages, over a middle zone, they’ve flown/ The leaf wiggles, as the time has moved on, Soon enough, across the world, the leaf will be gone// The 2 become close, as distance will soon fade, From grey, the world turns to a whole new shade/ The leaf becomes loose ! Ready to depart, A new path for it, the wind will now chart// Finally, the 2 feel each-other’s touch, a soft caress, and a soft pink blush/ The leaf sees good, and the leaf sees bad, but even in the end, the leaf will never look back and be mad// Possibilities is all of the future we really know, But for now I embrace our flow, as together we brave the unknown. For In the end, we are the sun and moon, and forever we’ll synchronistically glow. -NaeNae

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